5 Tips for a Smoother Transition to Menopause

Menopause is such a major stage in woman’s life. But unlike puberty, its effect is more on the depressing side than fulfilling. Women who are going through the menopausal stage tend to experience changes in their body that they are not prepared for yet. Menopause signifies the end of a woman’s fertility period and that may change a lot of things about her. Her ways, personality, lifestyle, and even marriage may be affected by this condition.

There are many ways to deal with menopause if only to smoothen its effect among females. Here are some tips to guide you through it:
1. Lead a healthier lifestyle

Menopause won’t affect your body so much if you are accustomed living healthy. Stop smoking for that would dry up your skin and affect many of your internal organs. Stay clear of alcohol as your body will have lower tolerance of it as you get older. The permissible alcohol limit for women is 40ml per week. This time usually also corresponds to the time when children are leaving home for higher education, hence you can pay more attention to yourself and get into a regular lifestyle.
2. Watch your diet

What you eat is who you are. Be sure that you eat lots of vitamin-rich foods that would put your body well in shape. During the menopausal stage, your body will require a diet that is high in fiber and calcium. Make sure to pile up your plate with naturally coloured foods to get all the nutrients.
3. Exercise

The best and the fastest way to keep your body in shape is still through regular exercise. The peri-menopausal stage will make your body feel tired more than usual. Counter that by living a more active lifestyle. Work out more often. Muscle aches and fatigue tend to go away with the daily flexing of bones and muscles. Have enough exposure of sunlight i.e. around 30 min per day between 10am-3pm, to get vitamin D into your bones.
4. Take hormonal pills

There are many pills available at drug stores and pharmacies that contain the women’s hormones progesterone and estrogen or derivatives of it. These pills are going to help greatly in countering the changes that your body is expected to go through. However, these medications can only be obtained with proper prescription so talk to your health provider about it.
5. Have a positive outlook of life after menopause:

Consider it as a life free of period and pregnancy worries instead of a time of lost youth. Yoga and meditation can be extremely beneficial to reduce hot flushes and to overcome dryness and weakness of the genital muscles.



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