Abortion in India

Is abortion legal in India?


Yes, abortion can be done legally in India provided certain pre- conditions of patient, doctor and place are met. Abortion can only be performed up to 20 weeks Continue reading

What are my Options for Birth Control after MTP?

Birth control is a very important issue that requires good discussion both before and after the MTP. It is best that your partner or husband accompanies you for such consultations and understands his choices as well so that both of you can then arrive Continue reading

Emotional Side Effects After an Abortion

How will I feel emotionally after an abortion?

Losing a pregnancy is a deeply personal experience that affects everyone differently. It can affect the women, her partner and other in the family. Many women come to terms with their loss quickly after an initial period of grief while others may feel Continue reading

Multiple Abortions Side Effects

Would getting multiple abortions weaken my uterus or spoil my body?
If abortion was done without complications during or after the procedure, it should not have any long lasting physical effects on the body. It does not cause any weakness in the uterus or spoil the body Continue reading

Long Term Side Effects of an Abortion

What are the long term side effects of an abortion?


If there were no problems with your abortion, then it is relatively safe in the long term. It does not harm your future pregnancy nor will it increase the chances of complication in your future pregnancies. If there were complications like infection Continue reading

Getting Pregnant After Abortion

When can we start trying for another body?


The best time to try again for pregnancy is when you and your partner feel physically and emotionally ready. It is advisable to start taking folic acid supplementation for three Continue reading

Bleeding During Pregnancy – What are my Options?

My pregnancy test was positive and I want this baby but now I have started bleeding. what are my options?


Please visit your gynaecologist urgently and have an ultrasound scan done to check if the baby is ok or not. If the heartbeat of the baby is still there, your doctor may prescribe certain medications to safe guard this Continue reading

Worrisome Symptoms After An Abortion

What are the worrisome symptoms after an abortion?
You should quickly get in touch with your doctor if: Continue reading

Contraception After an Abortion

When should I start using contraception after getting an abortion?


You should start using some kind of protection straight away because another pregnancy can happen in the same month also. If you are undergoing a surgical Continue reading

Menstrual Cycle After Abortion

When will my periods come after the abortion?


Return of periods is variable after an abortion and may take anywhere from three to six weeks. However, your ovaries may get active before that and start producing Continue reading


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