Gestational Diabetes


Gestational Diabetes




Diabetes that occurs during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes. It usually affects women during 24th week of pregnancy. Similar to the other type of diabetes (type 1 and type 2) gestational diabetes also Continue reading

You Should Know that High Sugar during Pregnancy Can Lead to Complication at Birth

All kinds of sugar you consume are eventually going to be broken down in to molecules of glucose. Glucose is essentially a broken-down version of sugar with the potential of fueling your cells. However, the amount of sugar your cells can absorb Continue reading

Are you making your baby prone to Diabetes by eating these kinds of food?


Before discovering the effect of junk food on your kid, you should first be educated on diabetes itself. You need to arm yourself with the right kind of information and facts regarding diabetes. The insulin levels in your blood are elevated on consumption of Continue reading

Diabetes in Pregnancy – What to Avoid to Ensure Proper Growth of the Baby?

A great way to remain healthy while pregnant is to eat healthy. Choosing the right food becomes more important if you have diabetes. Your blood sugar can be kept under control by eating healthy and doing regular exercise. There are many things that need to be avoided when it comes to choosing healthy foods. Some of the worst foods for diabetes which you should avoid are listed below.

Continue reading

Diagnosed with Diabetes? Avoid these common mistakes

Diagnosed with Diabetes? Avoid These Common Mistakes..

1) Expecting your doctor to take control of your sugar levels: Nine out of ten diabetic patients depend quite a lot on their doctor or someone else to have a good control on their day to day sugars. The fact of the matter is you are the one responsible and you should take care of what you eat, exercise and taking the medication on time. Know and educate yourself more by taking the help from your doctor, dietician etc and understand the reasons of high sugar and the way your medicines work.
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How Do I know if I have diabetes? 5 early warning signs to look for:

Diabetes can strike people at any age and medical statistics indicate that up to 30 percent people are not aware that they may be having diabetes. People suffering from Diabetes cannot utilize their food carbohydrates fully and have high blood sugar levels. This high sugar level in the blood can lead to serious damage to the heart, vision, and organs like kidney, skin, feet etc. If you have any of these early warning signs, you should consult your doctor and take a blood sugar test immediately. Continue reading


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