How long does it take to heal after hymen repair surgery?


How much time is required for recovery after a hymen repair surgery procedure?



Nowadays many females are seeking hymenoplasty, which is a reconstruction of hymen due to various reasons. Hymenoplasty is a procedure in which the hymen is repaired surgically. The hymen is a membrane, which closes the vaginal opening partially. In many religions and cultures, an unbroken or intact hymen is conventionally taken as a proof of virginity.



The hymen may become ruptured or torn due to various reasons apart from intercourse including tampon insertion and vigorous exercise. Due to this, many females want to get the reconstruction of their hymens, which can be done by a surgical repair procedure.


What are the reasons to get hymenoplasty?


A female may want to undergo surgical repair of her hymen due to a variety of reasons, some of which are:


Religious or cultural reasons: In certain cultures, it is considered very significant to have an unbroken or intact hymen as it signifies chastity of a female. A female’s hymen may tear during sexual intercourse or otherwise. A female may want to prove chastity or virginity by undergoing cosmetic surgery to repair her hymen.


Psychological healing: A female’s hymen may get torn during rape or sexual assault. She may undergo hymen repair surgery to have both psychological and physical healing of the abuse.


Injury to hymen: Hymen may tear in some females due to insertion of tampons or physical exercise. A female may undergo hymen repair surgery in such cases.


Revirgination: A female may want to restore her virginity in case she is starting a relationship with a different partner and her hymen has already been broken by sexual intercourse.


How long does it take to heal after hymen repair surgery?


Hymen repair surgery is a simple procedure and it takes less than half an hour to complete. The recovery is quick. You may have some spotting and discomfort during the initial 48-72 hours. You can take pain relievers for the discomfort following hymenoplasty.


Complete healing from hymen repair surgery takes between four and six weeks. You can go home shortly after the surgery but it is important to rest and relax. It is crucial to protect your hymen post surgery as it takes some time to heal.


You have to follow the below-mentioned recovery protocols post surgery:


  • Abstain from sexual intercourse for about six weeks post surgery as it will worsen soreness and pain.
  • Avoid wearing tight underwear such as thongs for at least one to two weeks post-surgery.
  • Avoid using tampons post surgery. Instead, use sanitary napkins for the duration of at least six weeks.

How long after the hymen repair surgery can you have intercourse?


What is the time duration after which you can have sexual intercourse following a hymen repair surgery?


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