Diet Myths about diabetes solved

Diet Myths About Diabetes Solved

Diabetes is a chronic problem, and induces a lot of fear in people’s mind. The reason is that diabetes increases a person’s risk of heart disease, kidney problems and strokes tremendously and the risk of death in diabetics is almost double that of a non-diabetic person of similar age.

The first question that is asked after diabetes is detected is about the right way to eat? Here is the exact medical advice on a good diet for diabetics:
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5 tips to reduce night time heartburn:

5 Tips to Reduce Night Time Heartburn:

Many pregnant ladies and men have difficulty sleeping at night due to pain in the chest caused by heartburn.Simple tricks can help reduce it substantially.

1.) Keep yourself propped up with extra pillows under your shoulders. This will create an anti gravity angle between your stomach and food pipe and decrease the push of acid into your food pipe. Also sleeping on your left side may help with acid regurgitation.
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Understanding Ebola

Understanding Ebola:

Ebola is a worm like virus and once it enters a body, it attaches itself to the surface of cells, gets an entry inside the cell and uses the cells raw material to produce more of its kind. Eventually the original cell gets so packed with the baby viruses that it explodes, sending more of the infectious virus babies in the system carrying on with the process till the body’s immunity over-power them.
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Stressed out? Try these

Stressed out? Try these…..

1) Laugh out aloud: Remember people doing loud laughing in the parks as part of their yoga session. Well it has been proved scientifically that laughing out loud reduces your stress hormones immediately and reduces risk of heart diseases.

Better still if you have tears in your eyes while laughing. So put up a comedy movie or a show, or join a yoga group for your share of laughter therapy if you feel stressed.
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5 Reasons Your Cough is not Going Away

5 Reasons Your Cough is not Going Away:

Tired and embarrassed of coughing at odd hours? Read to find out possible answers:

1) The commonest reason for a chronic cough is after flu, cold or other viral illness. These viruses can cause your respiratory passages to get swollen and over-sensitive, causing cough which can last days, weeks or even months after the cold attack or the virus has gone from the body. People who are prone to repeated cold attacks are advised to take a yearly Flu shot to save themselves.
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Is there anything called as the sugar addiction?

Is There Anything Called as the Sugar Addiction?

Diwali has just gone by and there are festivities in the air. Lots of people have gotten into the habit of having sweet tit bits at odd times and then blaming it on their sweet tooth. Is there something called as sugar addiction or is it plain bad habits? Experts advise that It is probably both and one needs to just stop the intake of extra table sugar in any form.
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5 Tips to Take Care of Your Knee

5 tips to take care of your knee:

Knee pain commonly affects women over 50 years of age and could be because of any type of arthritis or Knee injury. Some of it comes with age but knowing how to protect your knees can make a big difference in the quality of life.

1) Knee problems can happen to anyone and one needs to respect any pain which arises in the knee especially after a fall or injury. Knee joint is vulnerable to injury and arthritis develops faster if the ligaments or the meniscus has been torn. Acknowledge the pain and seek help early before the damage sets in.
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5 Heart Facts We all Must Know:

1) During a heart attack, blood supply to a part of heart stops because of blockage in the supplying artery. This may lead to complete stoppage of heart contractions, cardiac arrest and death. But most of the times, heart attacks would not lead to death. Inactivity is the most common risk factor for developing heart disease followed by being overweight, high blood pressure, smoking and diabetes.
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5 Facts We all Should Know About Blood Thinners:

1) Contrary to their name, blood thinners do not actually make our blood any thinner. They instead work to reduce the size of clots inside our blood vessels by stopping the events leading to formation of blood clots.

2) It is normally advised that people who are on blood thinners should avoid green leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, methi etc because these vegetables have a lot of Vitamin K which can interfere with the functioning of blood thinners. The fact is if you take the same amount of leafy vegetables very day and your INR ratio is under control, then it is all right to have them. A sudden increase in the vegetable intake on a particular day however may affect the functioning of these medications. Most of the newer medications are independent of vitamin K pathway and you can eat as many greens as you want.If you have any query regarding your medicines, you should check with your doctor.
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5 Things to Know Before Getting a Tattoo:

Tattoos are fast becoming a fashion fad with more and more youngsters opting for it. It is advisable to know the health risks and the alternative options before you get yourself inked.
1.) There are many types of tattoos available:
a) Amateur tattoos are usually done at home with ink or ashes jabbed under the skin with a needle. These have a high risk of infection and are usually aesthetically not very tidy. They usually limit themselves to a slogan or name or a small animation.
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