My panties are always wet. Is it normal?

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My panties are always wet. Is it normal?


Why are the panties always wet? Is it normal or is it a sign of something abnormal?


It is very common for many females to always have a wet panty. Most of the times, the vaginal discharge is considered normal. However, there are certain conditions in which the discharge is not normal.

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Why do I have vaginal discharge?


The article describes the common causes of vaginal discharge and how to manage them.

Vaginal discharge is usually a regular and normal occurrence in females. However, it can be abnormal if there is any bacterial or yeast infection causing the discharge. Continue reading


How does Anemia affect Pregnancy?

The body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. These changes may cause numerous diseases if not dealt with properly. Anaemia is one such disease common during pregnancy.

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3 Things Pregnant Women with Chikungunya Need to Know About their Baby’s Growth

Chikungunya is a viral illness that is typically transmitted through the bite of certain mosquitoes. The symptoms from this illness are usually dissipate within a few days but can be extremely severe. Chikungunya is a very big deal if you are pregnant, because if Continue reading

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Can I Get Cancer From Genital Warts?

Yes, Genital warts are caused by the Human papillomavirus (HPV) and about 40 out of a 100 types cause genital tract and anus infections, sometimes causing abnormal cell changes and the virus to multiply, taking on the form of cancer. Certain HPV types are categorised as ‘high-risk’ that are 99% responsible for causing cervical cancer, especially Continue reading

pregnancy - biological age

Is There A Right Biological Age For Women To Conceive?

Once a girl starts having her periods, theoretically her biological body is ready to bear a progeny. There is a subtle phase when the physical body transits gradually from being a girl to a woman through the pubertal years. This preparatory phase lasts for three-four years and the growth of the inner organs is complete within two-three years of initiation of periods Continue reading


Advantages and Disadvantages of Medical Abortion

What are the advantages and disadvantages of getting an abortion done with Medicines?


Medicines are safe, have no long lasting side effects, are cheap and offer privacy of use. They have no effect on your future pregnancies Continue reading

5 good habits to keep your vagina healthy

5 Good Habits to Keep Your Vagina Healthy

Most women follow some kind of routine to keep their private parts healthy. Often, some habits have a bearing on sex life and possible future risk of diseases like cancer
1) Avoid Douching the vagina: Douching and deep cleaning the vagina by pushing in cleansing liquids or using tissues to wipe the vagina from deep within is no longer considered healthy. It may be harmful and cause internal injuries and burns. Many decades back women used to douche using natural ingredients like yogurt for yeast infection but better treatment is now available and one should seek proper medical advice in case of any trouble.
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Ovarian cancer, How to detect it early?

Ovarian Cancer, How to Detect it Early?

All women have two ovaries in their bodies, one present on either side of the uterus. These are the egg producing factories in women and also produce the female hormones.

Ovarian cancer can catch you unawares because it is notorious for not producing troublesome symptoms till very late. The best chances of cure are when ovarian cancer is detected in the early stages.
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5 Facts About Gout and High Uric Acid Levels:

High uric acid levels in blood (hyper-uricemia) and gout do not mean the same thing. Some people with high blood uric acid may not have any symptoms at all while some may develop gout even at normal uric acid levels.

1) Gout is a form of arthritis and may be caused due to high blood uric acid levels. It most commonly affects the under surface of big toe joint (in around 50% people) and also fingers and elbow. Uric acid crystals get deposited in the joint fluid causing swelling, redness, stiffness and pain. Gout is only a part of high uric acid levels in the blood and Uric acid crystals may also get deposited in other places like kidney, nerves and other parts of the body causing kidney stones and organ damage but joints are most commonly affected.
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