My panties are always wet. Is it normal?

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My panties are always wet. Is it normal?


Why are the panties always wet? Is it normal or is it a sign of something abnormal?


It is very common for many females to always have a wet panty. Most of the times, the vaginal discharge is considered normal. However, there are certain conditions in which the discharge is not normal.

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Why do I have vaginal discharge?


The article describes the common causes of vaginal discharge and how to manage them.

Vaginal discharge is usually a regular and normal occurrence in females. However, it can be abnormal if there is any bacterial or yeast infection causing the discharge. Continue reading


What is the Reason of Itching during Pregnancy?

Itching during pregnancy is a common problem encountered by women. Increase in the blood supply to the skin along with stretching of skin around the lower abdomen are the two primary reasons of itching during pregnancy. Continue reading

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4 Common Discomforts During Pregnancy

Bladder and bowel problems during pregnancy


Certain conditions, such as frequent urination, incontinence, constipation, and hemorrhoid formation are common during pregnancy. Therefore, both regular exercise and healthy diet are important during pregnancy.

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Is too much vomiting bad for pregnancy?

Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) or severe vomiting during pregnancy is a rare but serious condition. The condition is accompanied by nausea, loss of weight (>5% of pre pregnancy weight), electrolyte disturbance, and acid base imbalance. Continue reading


How Smoking during Pregnancy affects You and Your Baby?

Smoking has always been considered unhealthy for health. It may cause heart disease as well as cancers. Smoking during pregnancy is more harmful than smoking in routine life. During pregnancy smoking not only harms the mother’s health but also affects the unborn baby.

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How Much Weight Gain is Normal During Each Trimester of Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is characterized by weight gain. The weight gained by the female during pregnancy is directly proportional to both baby’s and mother’s health. Therefore, it is important to know how much weight gain is normal during each trimester. Continue reading


How does Anemia affect Pregnancy?

The body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. These changes may cause numerous diseases if not dealt with properly. Anaemia is one such disease common during pregnancy.

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Understanding Pregnancy Tests: Urine and Blood Tests

The news of being pregnant is one of the most exciting news for a woman. However, to confirm pregnancy one needs to undergo tests. These tests check the presence of hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in the urine or blood. The hCG is usually produced 6 days after the fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the uterus. Continue reading

Irregular Periods

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Introduction: Early signs of pregnancy may appear by 6th to 8th week of pregnancy. In case you forgot to keep a track of your last periods and start experiencing the signs of pregnancy then opt for a home pregnancy test.

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