Diet tips for pregnant women


Before I start bombarding you with advice, please accept my heartiest congratulations on being pregnant. This is a unique lifetime situation for you, so enjoy and have the fondest memories ever…..


Despite having the responsibility to take care of the nutritional needs for your growing fetus, you do not have to eat for two people. All you need is 300 more calories in the second half of pregnancy and 500 more calories when you are breastfeeding.


Try and have 3 main meals and three snacks in a day to give you constant supply of energy. Cornflakes, fruits, Chilla, poha, sprouts and eggs make good snacks and have high nutrient value. Avoid overindulging in cereals like wheat and rice as these result in a high sugar surge followed by a sudden drop, making you lethargic and low in energy.


Include as many colors in your diet as possible; as veggies or fruits… and you would not go deficient in any nutrient. For example- yellow color as in mango, ripe banana, pumpkin etc, red color as in tomatoes, water melon, pomegranate etc..


Avoid eating raw salads(unless at home where you are sure that the veggies have been washed nicely), uncooked meat like grilled stuff from outside, which could have remained partially cooked at the core and may cause infection. In parties it is better to consume the fried stuff instead which ensures that all the germs have been killed.


Certain foods like unripe pineapple, raw papaya and pineapple should not be consumed in large quantities in the first three months. Avoid bluecheese, sea water fish ( if not cooked properly) and canned food containing monosodium glutamate.


Pregnancy slows down the digestion, so eat your dinner early. Have 2-3 hours gap before dinner and sleep. If you feel hungry at bed time, you can take a glass of milk or a small snack.


Stay physically active and do not overstuff yourself. A normal healthy person does not require any commercially available protein supplement powders, but if you feel your diet may be deficient or you do not have time to prepare healthy snacks, it is OK to include some supplements in your diet but guard against too much weight gain as these powders are usually high in calories and fat content.


It is OK to have all the stuff your mom lovingly prepares for you; but mind the portion size. After all you are going to be pregnant only once or twice in your life…


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