1) High cholesterol can hurt your sex life. Cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels can make them narrow and reduce the blood flow to the pelvic organs. Both men and women are at risk of having orgasmic and libido issues due to high cholesterol. Sometimes for men, having a soft erection or losing it too fast can be a sign of poor blood flow in the genital organs.

2) Cholesterol levels can be kept under check by exercising, eating well and maintaining an ideal body weight. But even if you are thin, you need to watch your cholesterol levels at least once a year starting in your 30’s and earlier if you have a family history of heart disease. The best lifestyle intervention that can reduce your cholesterol is to reduce the intake of saturated and Trans fat, cut down on smoking and slim down.

3) Eggs are often blamed for their cholesterol content but the fact is one scoop of ice-cream is probably worse. Another piece of bad news is that ice cream and sweets selectively increase your bad cholesterol. The permissible cholesterol intake for an average person is around 300mg and one standard egg contains around 170 mg. So one egg a day should be just fine, considering its high nutrition value.

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4) Instead of the total cholesterol levels, one should focus more on keeping the bad cholesterol (LDL) down to less than 100 mg/dl and the good cholesterol (HDL) high. High HDL acts like a mop in the body and rids the body of bad cholesterol. Aim at keeping the HDL more than 50 mg/dl at all times.

5) It is a fact that men have cholesterol issues earlier on in life and this is because of their hormones. Women have a protective edge as their female hormones somehow protect them for some time by lowering the bad cholesterol and raising the good one, but this should not be used as a compensation for bad eating. After menopause women lose their advantage and become at par with men their age.