5 Great non- dairy high calcium snacks for pregnant women

Calcium is extremely important for the growing baby’s bone health and general well being. Adequate intake of calcium may also prevent development of high blood pressure in pregnancy. On an average a pregnant and breast feeding mother requires 1000-1200 mg of calcium daily. Ideally this requirement should be consumed from daily diet and if that is not sufficient then calcium supplements are required.

Dairy products are traditionally considered a good source of calcium and mothers usually force their daughters to drink milk and eat paneer. However, it helps to look at non dairy sources of calcium as well because milk is not easy to digest and causes bloating sensation. Yogurt (dahi) should be preferred over milk because of its probiotic properties and easy digestibility.

Sea food in general is a very good source of calcium. Try lightly grilled fish especially Sardines, salmon and pomfret with lemon wedges and sprinkled with fruit salt or any other dressing of your choice.

Green leafy vegetables especially salad leaves, spinach, methi, broccoli, broccolini etc should be consumed in plenty. The greener the vegetable the better it is. One can add almonds, peanuts, few raisins and parmesan cheese to make it super healthy.

Chicken can be grilled after marinating it in garlic, lemon juice and vinegar mix or stuffed with blanched spinach and cheese and oven baked. Sprinkle some toasted sesame (Till) seeds to enhance the flavour and calcium content.

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Eggs are a very versatile source of calcium and proteins as well. It can be consumed in thousands of different ways from boiled to fried to omelettes to curries and sandwiches.

Nuts and fruits like almonds, figs (anjeer),pistachios(pista) and oranges are also good sources of calcium. One can make a healthy snack by mixing fruits and nuts in a bowl of yogurt. Almond peel is a source of fibre and should be consumed provided they are washed nicely.