morning sickness

What is Morning Sickness? How to overcome from Morning Sickness during Pregnancy?


Though pregnancy-related nausea is called morning sickness, it may strike any time during the day (or night) as well.


Here given some tips to overcome from Morning Sickness during Pregnancy:


1) Try eating small frequent meals every two to three hours and avoid greasy foods.


2) Keep bland crackers/ glucon-D biscuits by your bed to eat before getting up.


3) Avoid tea or coffee first thing in the morning.


4) Ginger has been recognized by the WHO as a treatment for morning sickness. A few drops of ginger juice mixed with honey may be effective.


5) Finish your dinner early and have a light snack at bedtime if you are hungry.


6) Talk to your doctor if morning sickness lasts for more than the first three months of pregnancy or causes you to lose weight/ or you are so sick that you are not able to retain even liquids.