What is the time duration after which you can have sexual intercourse following a hymen repair surgery?


Intercourse After hymen repair surgery is actually surgically repairing the hymen, which is a thin, pink colored membrane that closes a vaginal opening partially. In many religions and cultures, an intact or unbroken hymen is considered traditionally a proof of a female’s virginity.


The hymen may get ruptured or torn due to certain other reasons apart from sexual intercourse, including insertion of a tampon or doing strenuous or vigorous exercise. Under these circumstances, many females may want their hymens to be reconstructed, which may be accomplished via a hymen repair surgery.


How long after the hymen repair surgery can you have intercourse?

You have to abstain from sexual intercourse for at least six weeks after having hymen repair surgery. Immediate sexual activity may worsen any soreness and pain due to the surgery.


What are the reasons to have a hymen repair surgery?

There are multiple reasons for a female to consider an Intercourse After hymen repair surgery. Some of these reasons are:


Religious or cultural reasons: In certain cultures, an intact or unbroken hymen is considered a signifier of a female’s chastity or virginity. A female’s hymen may tear during sexual intercourse or otherwise. A female may get hymen repair surgery to restore her virginity.


Psychological healing: A female’s hymen may get torn if she has suffered sexual abuse or rape. Certain females choose to undergo hymen repair surgery to repair both the psychological and physical damage caused by the trauma.


Injury to hymen: For certain females, it is very important to have their hymen broken during a first sexual encounter after marriage. However, the hymen can become torn due to reasons other than intercourse such as using tampons and strenuous exercise. In all such cases, Intercourse After hymen repair surgery offers a solution to repair the hymen.


Revirgination: In case a female starts a new relationship with a different partner, but her hymen is already torn during intercourse with the previous partner, she may want to have surgical reconstruction of her hymen.


Who is a candidate for hymen repair surgery?

The best candidate for a hymen repair surgery is a healthy female who has realistic expectation from the surgery. Hymen repair and reconstruction may provide a female an appearance of being a virgin or satisfy cultural or religious requirements.


For females who are undergoing the procedure for revirgination, it should be done at least six weeks before the wedding day. Since the surgery is not required medically, the female who is undergoing the surgery should possess a very strong personal wish to get her hymen restored.

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