It is an excellent idea to have a short vacation before you have another addition in your family. It helps you relax and connect better with your partner before getting into the busy post delivery period. Also it may be a while before you can get time to do this again, so make the most of it…

1) If possible travel during your early second trimester i.e. your fourth and the fifth months as this is the time you are at your energetic best and the nausea and sleepiness of first trimester has worn off. Also the baby bump isn’t too big and you still have a chance to wear your sexy dresses. It is also the safest time to travel as pregnancy related complications haven’t usually set in and airlines have no travel restrictions till 32 weeks.

2) If you are travelling by car or train, remember to wear a seat belt below the baby bump. Try and move around every few hours to get enough blood circulation. Preferably wear full length comfort wear to keep mosquitoes away.

3) Short flights of less than 4 hours duration are quite easy to manage, but for longer flights it is better to take upfront aisle seats to you have more leg space and you can move around during the flight. Take plenty of non alcoholic beverages and keep your intake of tea and coffee to a minimum.

4) Always take travel insurance and carry a scanned copy of your documents in a pen drive for easy accessibility.

5) Check with your doctor if you might need any particular vaccination in case of foreign travel.

6) Carry your pregnancy safe medications for common ailments after consulting your doctor.

7) Sex is safe during pregnancy unless you have a specific condition for which it has to be avoided.

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For most couples a vacation during pregnancy is a time to bond even closer and enjoy those last baby free days. It goes a long way to freshen your soul and energize your body with fond memories…make the most of it.