How long does it take for hymen repair surgery?

What is the time taken to do a hymen repair surgery?


Hymen repair surgery also referred to as hymenoplasty, is the procedure of surgically repairing the hymen, which is a membrane partially, closing the vaginal opening. In many religions and cultures, an intact or unbroken hymen is regarded traditionally as a proof of virginity.

The hymen may get ruptured or torn due to a variety of factors other than sexual intercourse including tampon insertion or vigorous exercise. Under these circumstances, many females may want to get their hymens reconstructed. This can be done by way of a hymenoplasty.


Who is a candidate for a hymenoplasty?


The best candidate for the procedure is a healthy female who has a realistic expectation about the surgery. Hymen repair and reconstruction may give a female an appearance of being a virgin or satisfy cultural and religious requirements.


For females who are undergoing the procedure for revirgination (restoring their virginity), the procedure should be done at least six weeks before the day they are getting married. Since this surgery is not required medically, the female who has opted for the surgery must possess a very strong desire for hymen repair.


How long does it take for hymen repair surgery?


The hymen repair surgery takes anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes. The surgery is done under local anesthesia and you can go home after a short time post surgery. During hymen repair surgery, the torn hymen is repaired surgically. During the procedure, torn edges of your hymen are excised and stitched back together with dissolvable, fine sutures. After completion of the surgery, no scarring is present, and the appearance of the hymen is intact. After you had an uncomplicated procedure, having subsequent intercourse will tear the hymen.


Recovering from hymen repair surgery


Since hymen repair surgery is a simple surgery, which usually takes less than half an hour, there is rapid recovery from the surgery. Some discomfort and spotting may be experienced during the initial 48-72 hours. The discomfort can be relieved by taking pain relievers.

Complete healing from hymen repair surgery takes anywhere between four to six weeks.


When can you resume your normal activities after the surgery?


You must avoid doing any strenuous activity for at least two to three weeks after your surgery. You should avoid having sexual intercourse for at least six weeks after the procedure.


What are the complications of hymenoplasty?


Similar to all surgeries, there are certain associated risks. These are bleeding, swelling, and infection; however, these risks are rare.

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Do precautions need to be taken after Hymen repair Surgery?

How long does it take to heal after hymen repair surgery?