I had small pinkish discharge after sex… am I suffering from cancer?


What is the significance of pink coloured discharge after sex, does it imply that a woman has cancer?


Discharge from the vagina is a normal phenomenon by which the body cleans the vagina, thereby preventing any infection. Most of the women have a clear white discharge, which the health care providers consider quite normal. However, women sometimes also have a pink coloured discharge after having sex. This pink discharge is most of the times light pink in colour and may occur due to minor blood loss.


The main reasons for the cause of the pink discharge from the vagina can be:

  • Inflammation of the walls of vagina
  • Cancer of the endometrium or cervix
  • Complications during pregnancy
  • Infection

The presence of blood spots in the vaginal discharge cause it to turn pink from white.


Most of the times, the inflammation of the vaginal walls may cause wasting of the muscles around the vagina and cause trauma during sex. This is common in older women. As a woman ages, less amount of lubricants are produced in the vagina. During sexual activity, there is breakdown of the innermost wall of the vagina, which leads to bleeding after sex due to the trauma. This may lead to itching and discomfort around the vagina. The itching can be managed with the application of ointments and creams.


Having violent or rough sex may also be accompanied by pink vaginal discharge along with pain and discomfort around the sex organs. Such cases need immediate medical attention to prevention complications due to infections.


Cancer can be another reason for the pink discharge from vagina after sex. Endometrium and cervix are the common organs that may develop cancer. There may be irritation of the mucous lining, which may cause bleeding. Cancer of the endometrium and cervix do not have any gross symptoms, therefore, they may not be easy to diagnose. Hence, any pink bleeding following sex should be consulted with a physician to rule out the possibility of cancer. Your physician will carefully screen and evaluate you to rule out the presence of cancer. For early detection of cancer, it is important that every woman should undergo a routine health exam with biopsy of the cervix.


Another possible reason for pink discharge can be anaemia. It can be managed by eating food rich in iron such as spinach, apples, jiggery etc. and iron supplements.


Sometimes, pink discharge may indicate other health conditions, such as liver or kidney disease, diabetes or clotting disorder.


Any sort of bleeding from the vagina should be reported to a physician, as it may be a sign of some underlying pathology. Even a small amount of pink discharge after sex is enough for hospitalization.

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