What is virginity restoration procedure? (Hymen Repair)What is hymen repair surgery? Is it a temporary or a permanent surgical procedure?

The hymen is a membrane or a thin tissue layer that is usually not broken in young females (virgins) and forms a barrier to virginity entrance. In certain cultures, an intact hymen is considered to be very important. In certain cases, a surgery may be required to repair the hymen or to restore virginity.

Between the seventh and twelfth week of pregnancy, the embryo’s gender is determined. The genital walls combine to form the scrotum in a male and the labia majora and labia minora are formed in a female (labia majora and minora are external and internal lips of the vagina). The fold of mucous at the opening of the vagina that remains in middle is called the hymen. The opening and shape of the hymen vary widely and it is also related to the age of a female.


In females who are sexually active, remnants of the hymen are referred to as “carunculae myrtiformis.”


Virginity restoration procedure or hymenorrhaphy is a surgical procedure to restore the hymen temporarily. The term is derived from Greek words hymen implying membrane and raphe implying suture. It may also be referred to as hymenoplasty. The procedure is usually performed to result in bleeding at the time of post-nuptial sexual intercourse, which is considered as a proof of a female’s virginity in certain cultures.


The hymen restoration surgery is done as an outpatient procedure under intravenous sedation or local anesthesia


The following types of surgery are done under hymen repair surgery:


Simple repair


In this repair procedure, the remnants of the hymen (membrane) are pieced together and the tear is closed. The procedure is very simple and is done around a month to 6 weeks pre-marriage so that the sutures applied internally disappear completely. This procedure is done under local anesthesia.


Cosmetic procedure


In this procedure, a membrane without any blood supply is formed. This may include a gelatine capsule or an artificial substance similar to blood. This surgery is performed shortly pre-marriage.


Recovery Process


Since hymenoplasty is a simple procedure, which requires less than half an hour, the recovery is fast. Some spotting along with discomfort may be experienced by females for the initial 48-72 hours. The discomfort can be easily managed by pain medicines.


Complete healing may take anywhere from four to six weeks. You may go home shortly post the surgery but it is important to relax and rest. It is crucial to protect your reconstructed hymen post surgery as it takes some time to heal. There are certain recovery protocols of hymenoplasty including:

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Abstaining from sexual intercourse: Any discomfort and pain will be aggravated by having sex; hence, refrain from having sex for at least six weeks.

Don’t wear tight underwear: Avoid wearing undergarments such as thongs for at least one to two weeks post-surgery.

Don’t use tampons: Avoid using tampons for at least six weeks; instead, use sanitary napkins.

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